Friday, June 3, 2011

I've had some freaky ideas, but...


Recently, I said something which lodged an idea in my brain where it’s been stuck. It was half-baked idea at the time (maybe it still is). I was distracted; it was something about doing the same thing over and over, finding different results. Summer may bring
skin, firepower, and trips to the Shedd, but it also brings a glut of resumés and portfolios from a fresh crop of architecture graduates seeking employment.

Undoubtedly the outlook for this years architecture grads is bleak, unless they’re down with working for no pay experience only. Even though I’m not hiring I do peruse the portfolios (good or bad) that I’m sent, and every time I’m transported back to all the crazy shit I did in studio. Ah, those were the days...

nomadic cube-small
Scary, I know.

Y: What the hell is that thing!?

M: I got that a lot in studio. In fact, I still do.

Anyway, Isn’t it obviously an inked freehand perspective? Beyond that it’s clearly diagrammed and annotated. Yes I was serious when I presented it. It all started when I read Lebbeus Woods' words, and looked at the
images he was producing. They got into my head. I tried to resist (not really he had me at "geo- magnetic lift"). I rarely see a portfolio anymore using a tool as analog as a technical pen, or pencil for that matter.

pod model2
Pure madness

Y: An actual physical study model, using basswood!?

M: I know, right?

Y: What’s it supposed to be?

M: If you knew you’d likely have me committed It’s a “virtual space” - that’s all you get.

And this is only two of many such projects. I’m only slightly embarrassed now. No matter, maybe I’ll put more up later. We can make fun of them on twitter. In the mean time I’ve got to change locations. The nice young men in the clean white suits are on their way.

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