Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Show and NOT tell; In Memorium...


I’ve been AWOL. I blame a recent project I’ve been working on. Albert Einstein once said, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results”. I wonder what he’d call doing the same thing over and over, finding different results. I’d call it

It’s Spring in the city, and I’ve been “distracted” to say the least.

Chicago winters are painful. But the Summers... The Summers make all that pain go away. It’s Memorial Day, we’re finally free of the effects of
“Snowmageddon”, and warm weather has set in. Time for people to remove their clothes, gather on the lakefront, and process some vitamin D. The whole scene is very distracting. Nothing but bikini’s and board shorts to the horizon. If only the beaches had wifi. Nah! I prefer no distractions when I’m being distracted, though a formation of Phantom jet-fighters flying low over the beach, with full after-burners, is ok. Skin and fire-power. Makes it difficult to remain all composed and stoic.

You no doubt are aware that Chicago has lots of architecture. But since I’m so distracted I’m not talkin’bout that right now. If you visit this city just to look at buildings, you’re missing the point (especially in the summer). This past weekend I visited one of my favorite places. The
Shedd Aquarium. I like it better than the zoo, or zoo’s in general. Even though Lincoln Park Zoo is pretty sweet in it’s own right.

“Iguana!!” - If you’ve ever watched old Bugs Bunny cartoons, you’ll know how to say it.


Rays are freakin’ cool

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