Monday, March 28, 2011

Keep moving...

I walk.

Just, walk. Moving from the point where I entered this existence to the point where I’ll exit. Like many I’m intimately familiar with my own start point, and know nothing of my own endpoint; not the when, the where, nor my proximity to either. Common sense demonstrates the endpoint to be in flux, undetermined, and inevitable.

I’ve faced a few hazards; “stumbled, skinning my hands and knees” so to speak. I’ve faced more hazards than some, not as many as others, but each time I’ve gotten to my feet and kept moving knowing the cuts would heal (rub some dirt on it). I fully expect to face, and conquer many more. My confidence in their repetition comes from the fact that hazards are everywhere. My confidence in conquering them comes from the fact that while those I’ve managed to traverse may have left me with “scars”, they’ve also provided me with “tools”; and it’s these tools I’ve decided to collect and carry with me always.

We all bear the marks of our existence, but we also bear the implements enabling
changes in ourselves, that correspond to changes in our world. I don’t see this as heroic, or extraordinary; I see it as normal. Sometimes we’re just unaware of the tools, for the fact that we’re obsessed with the marks.

My “rucksack” contains seven items. They aren’t heavy, I’m not burdened by them, and they’re “multi-taskers”. Each has a primary function that may be extended, and applied to infinite tasks when used in concert with the others.

compassion like this

Compassion: The trek’s hot and difficult. When my path crosses another’s. IF I have it to spare, sharing a bit of water gets us both a little further along.

curiosity like this

Something WILL happen up ahead. I’ll find out what it is when I get there, and I’ll deal with it then.

ingenuity like this

Ingenuity: There’s no NEED to remain on the trail.

perspective like this

Perspective: Things end someday, someway, and somewhere. It’s normal; worrying about it isn’t.

skepticism like this

Skepticism: Don’t believe a word I’m saying. Trust only yourself, and your experience.

strength like this

Strength: True strength need not profess itself.

vision like this

Vision: True vision needs no eyes.

These things I carry, sustain me in all endeavors. Hopefully those you carry sustain you; if not it may be time to replace them.

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