Tuesday, September 13, 2011



As an architect, sometimes
the membrane separating my “inside” reality from my “outside” reality gets dangerously thin. Especially when talking with other “like minded” architects, or architecture students. When this happens, sometimes my tendency to free-associate runs amok, confusing the hell out of those around me (because, of course, they’re only getting half of the conversation that is taking place in my mind). Why this happens I don’t know - I don’t really care (even though I have to laugh at myself for it).

I recently had a (totally NOT contrived) conversation with a first year architecture student who was waxing philosophic over the nature of architecture as she perceived it.

Me: In response to her initial statement, smiling wryly, "...It’s inevitable. Every architect/designer eventually grapples with pin-boards, and thumbtacks."

Arch student: *confused and somewhat frightened look* - ?!?

Me: "It’s an allegory for any of the many “dualities” of architecture. Such as it’s free-constrained, space-place, art-science, or tabula rasa-palimpsest duality."

Arch student: *slightly less confused look* - ooookaaaay.

That student is skeptical and believes the madness not contagious. But I remember when I was in her shoes and I know now that (in fact) it is. Once one learns how to fabricate reality on command, one’s “inside” universe becomes one’s “outside” universe.

It's inevitable...

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