Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do it yourself...

Ahhh, the mantra of ultimate personal action.

I love that phrase because it’s a scalpel; it’s Phaedrus’ knife. It precisely divides one’s desire for something from one’s willingness to invest in it’s production. Everyone knows that an investment of this sort is commonly made with one’s own blood, sweat, and tears hands. Sometimes it also requires some money and resources, depending upon one’s skill level.

While it seems as if my whole life’s been a constant utterance of the phrase, “if you don’t do it yourself, no one’s going to do it for you,” I’m conflicted when it comes to DIY. I really like the satisfaction it produces in me, and I’m often impressed by of the innovative stuff people create with their own hands. However, as a professional, I also believe that some things are best left to professionals.

To illustrate here’s my unofficial list of DIY, or not:

1. Plastic surgery - Stupid and definitely NOT DIY (no images for this one, I leave it to your imagination).

Aron Ralston

2. Limb amputation - If your life depends upon it,
possibly DIY.


3. Semi-public tree-houses (read buildings) - While interesting,
not DIY.

yurt big
Also from
ModernSauce - easily my favorite blog

4. Nomadic shelters - Hip, wired, and
definitely DIY.

There, I fixed it from here

5. Plumbing work -
not DIY.

Isaac Frankle aka Shovelman

6. Musical instruments -
absolutely, positively, DIY.

Shovelman - Moonshine Music Video from Jason Mongue on Vimeo.

Shovelman built that singing shovel himself. Check out this video of him making it sing. It’s pretty sweet! I think he sounds a lot like
Tom Waits.

Share with us your unofficial list of DIY, or not. Leave a comment.