Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Show and NOT tell; Architecture Week - Tue...


Obscure and marginalized, Lebbeus Woods isn’t so much non-famous as infamous, and interesting. By my experience he’s either detested or loved (depending upon who one asks). While they are certainly brutal, I like his drawings and diagrams; I think they’re freakin’ sweet.

Still I can’t help but believe that any architect who’d actually inflict such spaces and objects as these upon society is an architect who’s either infatuated with dystopia, or suffers from a chronic Cassandra complex. Fortunately, Lebbeus Woods has no built work so nothing’s been inflicted yet. And I am no psychologist so my dubious diagnosis remains debatable.

I can imagine these spaces and objects as constructed in the absence of architects either out of necessity, or as the result of rampant DIY dreams.

Reminds me of “12 Monkeys”.

“Johnny Mnemonic”, or maybe some jawa habitrail from “Star Wars”.

Definitely “Brazil”.

These last two remind me of “War of the Worlds”, or “District 9”.

What’s on your list of obscure, interesting architecture? Leave a comment.