Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Poetry month…


It’s already April (25 to be exact) and I’m late for this party. No matter, poetry harbors no schedule, and that’s one reason it’s so awesome. There are other reasons this is so; Poetry is the literature of everyman - anyone can write it; Poetry need not follow “top down” writing conventions - it has a rebellious nature that attracts me; Poetry spawns easily in the mind, when the mind is open to free association - which is habitually so for mine.

Madness you say? Maybe - I do enjoy my own madness, so.

I’m celebrating this year’s poetry month by revisiting verse I have written, am writing, or am reading - It’s a vicious circle really, though a vice of poetry can’t be all bad, can it?

It’s a “tradition in progress”. Last year I was
Mapping Memory, this year I’m Automatic Writing - sort of:

raw storm.

like wind play.
the repulsive apparatus

death's symphony.

bitter flood of light

my forest
robs the void of men's
dreams. and day,

a red ship,

another soul.

yours truly; circa 1994

1994 was a while ago - remember, poetry harbors no schedule. Love it or loath it, poetry is every-where and every-when!