Sunday, February 6, 2011

Show and NOT tell...

massaud manned cloud 1

Helium airships, gotta love ‘em. This one, dubbed Manned Cloud is designed by Jean-Marie Massaud.

Airships in general appeal to my zen sensibilities representing the least contrived form of human technology that I know. I could explain why (there’d be lots of words about internal versus external state change, environmental harmony, “treading lightly”, and the
Prime Directive), but for now I’ll leave that for another day.

massaud manned cloud 3

Instead, I’m going to strip away all of those “talky” words and just bask in the “floaty” awesomeness of it. These images literally hurt to look at because my eyes open all wide and I stare, daydreaming critically analyzing and forget to blink until my corneas desiccate.

massaud manned cloud 4

One thing I will say is that this particular airship concept embodies my belief that truly good design requires neither justification, nor explanation; even the drawings are clear and concise (even at the small scale that they’re presented here).

massaud manned cloud 5

If it's words you want you’re interested you can go to the designer’s
website and read his explanations of it’s awesomeness which are as good as any I’d have (though I’m telling you now he doesn’t use the word awesome per se).