Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mapping memory...


i've been here before. each time finding something new, but not different. i wonder

am i lost?

New York

i walk and think, dream actually, it always happens this way,
these things, these places.

i enter a street, stand there, sense it.
i see

the street expand.

San Francisco

always twenty strides in breadth, and yet
the street expands. and this thing i do, the place, my dream, the new
but not different. i wonder

how to recognize the unseen, the invisible?

New Orleans

walls shift, the barrier's malleable. thinning membranes reveal a portal, the tomb is open.
the void belches ghosts.

i can't wage war, death is insufferable it can't happen here,
but the place exists.

i move on.

Washington DC

away from the street. ten thousand voids yawn in cryptic sequence. the bodies empty,
their skins drape and fold.

the place dissolves. this thing i do, new but not different. stopping, the dream continues and i wonder



keep it. it holds the clue to everything. the mind is like

a city.

Narrative: Me; circa 1998
Eric Fischer; Geotaggers’ World Atlas

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