Tuesday, February 15, 2011



I awoke today with a mission. Update the optical media archive housing all of the projects I’ve ever worked on. “It’s been awhile”, I think to myself pondering the stacks of CD’s and DVD’s that’ve been accumulating for the past four years nine months on my desk (owning and operating your own business takes a lot of time, OK)!

Cataloging’s not a HUGE effort as I’ve got a fairly organized system in place. It just takes time so the task inevitably takes “back-burner” to web surfing, twitter, and managing iTunes actual productive work.

Armed with an iced tea, fresh beats on iTunes, and high resolve I set about the task at hand. “This’ll take no time at all ‘cause the software does all of the work,” I say aloud while separating a handful of disks for visual inspection (which reveals the disks have no identifying marks what-so-ever). “Pfft! That’s ok, I’ll just write what the software lists as the name as I go,” I say aloud (again) grinning at my clever solution.

Disk one in, Tray closed. Two minutes pass. Tray opens, “Disk is empty, please insert a disk.”
Disk two in. Tray closed. Two minutes nigh. Tray opens, “Disk empty, insert a disk with actual data on it.”
Disk three in. Two minutes, “Disk empty!”
Disk four...you get the picture.

I must’ve been channelling you know who:


(Louis Kahn!? Oops, I mean):


because TEN disks later (no joke) I finally insert a disk with stuff on it, and find this:


I worked on this a while ago.

Isn’t it sweet how the essence of the light is captured!? Louis Kahn would be proud ‘cause the whole project consists of nothing but events like this. Notice the subtle use of the scaffolding...

Oh fine! It’s a construction photo I took. This condition existed for an instant in construction time. The light is pouring in through an opening that eventually received a big exhaust duct and louver. The ethereal glow is due to construction dust in the air. Real poetic huh? I still freakin’ love the light.

Alright! back to cataloging. Good thing I’ve written ID information on these disks; it’ll ease the label-making process. I’ll just stack ‘em right here while I...