Sunday, January 30, 2011



Curious?!? Good!

Who I am is Izzy Darlow. Where I am is irrelevant. What I do is anything I can muster the will
to do, and what I believe is likely to emerge from reading the entries populating this web-space. You can trust that I am human and that, is about it.

The “world” I inhabit is a vast territory of madness. I’ve been here for longer than I can remember; cobbling together my various observations, perceptions, and experiences to fashion a workable reality. Know now that there are no places of comfort here; It’s all ragged edges, hard surfaces, and loose footing. Feel free to kick around a bit if you can manage to keep from hurting yourself too badly.

If you’ve something to say about anything you read here say it, but think before you speak. I do and I expect the same of others (I’m mad, not undisciplined). Still, before you (or your thoughts) wander off you might want to take the end of this string. It’ll mark the way out so you can find your way back before the minotaur eats you!