Monday, August 29, 2011

Keepin' it real, yo...


For this architect, the summer’s been crazy. It began with an actual project, and it will end without one. I can’t say I’m surprised - I had a gut feeling about it. The project (a residential tower) ramped up from zero to full burn in the span of four days and cast it’s intense heat into the universe for eight weeks. Alas the intensity was unsustainable. The owner faltered pulling the plug just last week. It was like a great big hug of hurt, but without the actual fire.

I had another gut feeling the other day which resulted in me going “all in” on a raffle for a set of golf clubs (and by all in I mean I bought thirty tickets and put ‘em all in the ticket box for the clubs). I won. Sweet.

My guts have yet to steer me wrong. But even so, I accept and accommodate uncertainty. To illustrate, when by-standers might say I’m careening through one situation or another, I’d say I’m calculating the instant - following the trace of some uncertain trajectory.


I read, and re-read Borges’ stories frequently. I like them immensely because they un-answer my questions, un-question my answers, and resist reducing reality into a “certain” and tidy little package. Specifically his stories “The Immortal” and “The House of Asterion”, come to mind whenever I try to explain what I mean by the phrase “uncertain trajectory” (which, incidentally, gets a lot of eye-rolls whenever I use it).

While saying this risks your ocular gymnastics: I follow an uncertain trajectory through my own
vast territory of madness. My guts tell me when, where, and which way to turn. Borges, and some others help me explain why and how.


My list of best books (for those of you who are adventurous and curious) are:

“Skin” by Kathe Koja
“Amnesia” by Douglas Cooper
“Delerium” by Douglas Cooper
“Collected Fictions” by Jorge Luis Borges
“From the Teeth of Angels” by Jonathan Carroll

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